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All mixed up

When we chose this location, in what the city calls “the Museum District”, we had no idea who our clientele would be.  The good news is we still don’t know.  One of our current patients who lives in Clinton, has happily told us that she has met many people here that she never would have if she hadn’t come here.  And I’m sure the same is true for those who live in the neighborhood.   It does make me wonder, in this era of being interconnected through the internet, why is this true?  Maybe when we do reach out, either on the ground or on the web, we reach for the familiar.  Seek out those like minded, those with similar interests.  Is it fear or apprehension?  Is it our self image that we think we might lose?  The opportunity of being “right”?  It is unfortunate that we simultaneously seem to be so insecure in our convictions, and so unwilling to see the point of view of others.  Maybe it’s the real reason we don’t take the time or effort to make that move… you know, to the other side of town.

Yoga… that fits

We are very excited about our newest addition…. Adaptive Yoga.  In collaboration with the Universal Yoga Center of New Hartford, NY, we will be having a weekly class for those with a wide variety of abilities.  Although one of the trained staff will be leading the class, Ray and I can’t wait to help!  Our background in OT, PT, and kinesiology will have our minds reeling for sure.

So things move ahead here.  It’s kind of like watching a puppy grow.  You don’t notice it too much… then, BAM!  Change has happened.  In trying to get the word out about this class I stumbled upon the contact information for my former OT partner and friend, Lani.  I am going to contact her today.  Who said that great line about life? “It goes on”.


role reversal

When envisioning what, and how things would happen here, it was one thing stopping…and one thing starting.  Instead what it feels like is as if we were to trip and fall, catching ourselves in a series of somersaults, and then popping back up.  The ends are clear, but the middle a big ball of fuzzy.  Certainly I should have known as each bit of my life has been exactly that!  And I do embrace it.  Maybe it’s good that it’s still a surprise?  I thought we’d lovingly work on this building, that it would be done, and we would unlock the door to a working clinic… and start seeing patients.  And that’s all sort of true.  Except the building is not actually, well, done.  The first floor is.  That is our OT/PT practice.  About a third of the second floor is done, where the ATCs are working.  But we are still mudding walls, sanding floors, but in between patient care.  I can’t honestly say which is more gratifying.  The truly, truly great news is that we have been successful (financially) enough to pay the bills.  And I think we are helping those who seek our healthcare too.  Not sure it could get better than this….

Really? A year??

Lots of things have changed in the last year. We are up and running… but done yet. Our first floor is complete. This Means Ray and Richard are seeing patients. The second floor, well, that’s another story. Literally and figuratively. That will be this winters’ project. After that we will be recruiting some other practitioners to be in our company.

inertia front

a couple of progress pics

Just thought I would add a couple of progress pictures before we got too far along. We are close to being where Fred was in 1898. In other words, have gutted most of the “improvements”.

One more hoop jumped through!

We closed on our building…after what seemed an unending series of snafus. And yesterday had the water and power turned on. The place has a great feel, as some spaces do. I walk in and feel at home…comfortable. But maybe that is more of a factor of how hard we have worked to get this far. The next step? a roof? maybe heat…it is getting cold out!!!

What goes up

It has been longer than I anticipated, getting to this next post. Time does have a way of passing! We have been busy with logistics….awaiting our closing….making plans. This last weekend we experienced something I think quite unusual. Inertia bought an elevator. In Rhode Island. 5 hearty souls made the trek Friday night with the intent of dismantling this 14 foot wheelchair lift. We need this to meet codes to use our second story. As all things worthwhile, this was a gamble. The Wheel-O-vator was built around, and cemented in place. The owner was going to cut it up to get rid of it. It is a long story filled with cranes, a couple of beers, and a fair amount of anxiety. But in the end…we own an elevator. My friend Chris is in charge of repair prior to the install, but the second floor of our beautiful building will now welcome those ambulatory and not. As we used to say in PT school, “another hoop jumped through”.


I was looking at our beautiful building the other day, and was enamored with the idea that the thing is made up of tiny pieces that when working together, are successful in making a whole structure. I strive to be a brick. To be a non-judgmental, non-complaining brick. Maybe today I will be…


The conundrum has always been this; work within the system…or in spite of it. Setting up this business is case in point. As licensed health care professionals, we are heavily ingrained (and yes, indebted) to the health care system as it stands. Both a curse and a blessing, it gives us a framework for being, as I believe we are, our brother’s keeper. But at what point do we lose track of that very ideal? Is it when insurance benefits terminate? Having worked in the system for decades, I know and have lived the reason the system is broken. We did it to ourselves by selfish and inefficient behavior. Both as providers and consumers. But that is tangential. The trick is how to be one’s brother’s keeper today….as things stand. Within the system? Or outside it? Can both be done? I think we will see.

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