When we chose this location, in what the city calls “the Museum District”, we had no idea who our clientele would be.  The good news is we still don’t know.  One of our current patients who lives in Clinton, has happily told us that she has met many people here that she never would have if she hadn’t come here.  And I’m sure the same is true for those who live in the neighborhood.   It does make me wonder, in this era of being interconnected through the internet, why is this true?  Maybe when we do reach out, either on the ground or on the web, we reach for the familiar.  Seek out those like minded, those with similar interests.  Is it fear or apprehension?  Is it our self image that we think we might lose?  The opportunity of being “right”?  It is unfortunate that we simultaneously seem to be so insecure in our convictions, and so unwilling to see the point of view of others.  Maybe it’s the real reason we don’t take the time or effort to make that move… you know, to the other side of town.