When envisioning what, and how things would happen here, it was one thing stopping…and one thing starting.  Instead what it feels like is as if we were to trip and fall, catching ourselves in a series of somersaults, and then popping back up.  The ends are clear, but the middle a big ball of fuzzy.  Certainly I should have known as each bit of my life has been exactly that!  And I do embrace it.  Maybe it’s good that it’s still a surprise?  I thought we’d lovingly work on this building, that it would be done, and we would unlock the door to a working clinic… and start seeing patients.  And that’s all sort of true.  Except the building is not actually, well, done.  The first floor is.  That is our OT/PT practice.  About a third of the second floor is done, where the ATCs are working.  But we are still mudding walls, sanding floors, but in between patient care.  I can’t honestly say which is more gratifying.  The truly, truly great news is that we have been successful (financially) enough to pay the bills.  And I think we are helping those who seek our healthcare too.  Not sure it could get better than this….