It has been longer than I anticipated, getting to this next post. Time does have a way of passing! We have been busy with logistics….awaiting our closing….making plans. This last weekend we experienced something I think quite unusual. Inertia bought an elevator. In Rhode Island. 5 hearty souls made the trek Friday night with the intent of dismantling this 14 foot wheelchair lift. We need this to meet codes to use our second story. As all things worthwhile, this was a gamble. The Wheel-O-vator was built around, and cemented in place. The owner was going to cut it up to get rid of it. It is a long story filled with cranes, a couple of beers, and a fair amount of anxiety. But in the end…we own an elevator. My friend Chris is in charge of repair prior to the install, but the second floor of our beautiful building will now welcome those ambulatory and not. As we used to say in PT school, “another hoop jumped through”.